What is my Virginia car accident case worth?

If you have a Virginia car accident case, this is likely one of the top questions on your mind. If you’ve done some “Googling,” you’ve probably seen equations and algorithms that make this answer “easy.” In our view, there’s really only one question you need to ask yourself:

What would a jury do?

As James explains in the video above, in our experience, “what would a jury do?” is the most useful question you can ask. When trying to evaluate a claim, the attorneys and insurance adjustors will be picturing what would happen if your case was presented to a jury of your peers here in Virginia. More specifically, how much money would a jury give you if they heard your case.

This is not a simple answer.

Of course, what a jury would do in any particular case is a complex analysis depending on multiple variables. Take some time to watch James’s video above where he discusses this analysis in detail. We’ve found that most of our clients find this discussion super useful in making important decisions about their own case.

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