Traumatic Brain Injuries

Suffering a brain injury can be devastating.  And for a vast majority of brain injuries, there’s no “objective tests” such as an MRI or an X-ray that proves an injury.  Therefore, it leads insurance companies to deny that you’ve suffered any injury at all. That’s why, if you or a love one has suffered a brain injury in a Virginia accident, it’s so important to have an attorney that understands what you’re going through. 

Experience Matters in Virginia TBI Cases.

At Abrenio Law, we’ve been representing brain injury victims for over a decade.  In our practice, we’ve discovered that these cases are vigorously defended cases because the science behind brain injuries is still not well understood. What’s more, even brain injury victims themselves may not realize they’ve suffered a TBI until days, weeks or months after their accident.  In many cases, we’ve had clients that didn’t realize they even have a brain injury until friends and family alerted them to changes in their personality, thought process, and awareness.

If you suspect you or a loved one suffered a brain injury as a result of an accident, we’ve drafted a detailed article about Virginia Brain Injuries and Common Defenses Insurance Companies use for you.  Click here.  You can also review the other blogs and videos we’ve created on this site to provide the public information about Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury cases.

Do You Still Have Questions about Virginia Traumatic Brain Injury cases?

Reach out to Abrenio Law for your Free Consultation.  You can call us at Ph. 703-570-4180You can also learn about Owner James Abrenio here.  We handle multiple brain injury cases at any given time.  We understand their complexity and are honored to serve you. 

Useful Resources for Brain Injury Victims and Their Families.

Living with a brain injury can be truly difficult. Below are a list of resources we think are useful for brain injury victims and their families