Were you charged with Drunk Driving (DWI/DUI) in Northern Virginia? Abrenio Law can help.

Drunk Driving (DWI/DUI) charges can bring serious consequences. With more than a decade of experience, James Abrenio has learned that such charges involve very technical aspects of law and science that must be explained by the government in order to earn a conviction. It’s important that anyone facing a DWI/DUI charge here in Virginia speak with an attorney immediately to preserve their rights. 

If you or a loved one has been charged, reach out to Abrenio Law to arrange a FREE consultation at 703.570.4180.  In the meantime, check out the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Section to better understand Virginia’s DWI/DUI Laws and how your case will proceed through the criminal courts.  

Most Frequently asked Questions about Virginia DUI Charges:

  • What will I get for my first DUI?
  • Will I really spend a year in jail?
  • What factors make jail time more likely?
  • Should I go to trial?
  • What has to be proven for me to be convicted of DUI?
  • Do I have to get an Ignition Interlock for my first Virginia DUI? 
  • What are Field Sobriety Tests, and am I required to take them? 

Have more questions about your Virginia DWI/DUI Charge? 

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