What is the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and some other information you need to know.

In this post, we will explore some important information you need to know about the Virginia Safety Action Program. This information was obtained directly from Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program’s FAQ website section. We highly recommend you check out VASAP’s website as it’s filled with important information.

What is the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program?

ASAP stands for Alcohol Safety Action Program. There are 24 ASAPs located throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. These programs provide probationary oversight to offenders who have been referred from a court, typically for a conviction of driving under the influence (DUI). The Code of Virginia requires that persons convicted of DUI enroll in, and successfully complete, an Alcohol Safety Action Program.

Who is required to go to VASAP?

The majority of persons coming to ASAP are sent by the court due to a recent conviction for DUI or an alcohol-related reckless driving charge. Other persons may have older convictions on their driving record and enroll in ASAP in order to meet outstanding requirements to obtain their driver’s license. The requirement to attend an ASAP is usually listed on the person’s DMV compliance summary.

What services does VASAP offer?

The primary service offered by the ASAP is the probationary oversight of persons convicted of DUI. The ASAP monitors offenders and serves as the liaison with the court. Other services provided by ASAPs include intervention interviews, habitual/multiple offender restoration evaluations, driver improvement classes, reckless/aggressive driver classes, young offender programs, and many others.

Can you pre-enroll in VASAP before your DUI Conviction (or court date)?

Yes, this is permitted since it will enable an offender to possibly begin classes prior to adjudication by the court; however, the full ASAP fee must be paid at the time of pre-enrollment. Since this pre-enrollment fee is non-refundable, even if your case is subsequently dismissed, you should carefully consider your situation prior to pre-enrolling.

If you pre-enroll, do you get credit for that time towards your ultimate probation?

No, the period of probation begins on the date the court order is signed, usually the date of conviction. You will, however, receive credit for any classes attended to date.

How long do I have to report to the VASAP office after conviction?

You should report to the ASAP within 15 days of the court order/conviction date.

What happens if I wait too long to enroll in VASAP?

The Code of Virginia requires that you enroll in the ASAP within 15 days of conviction. If you attempt to enroll after 15 days, the ASAP may deny your enrollment and notify the court. The exact consequences of failing to enroll promptly vary from court to court.

How long will I be on VASAP probation?

The probationary period typically corresponds to the time of license suspension which is usually one year for first offenders and three years for second and subsequent offenders. Even after all ASAP education and/or treatment intervention is completed, you will still be monitored and on probation until the period of license suspension ends.

Which VASAP office do I report to?

You will initially report to the ASAP that serves the jurisdiction in which the offense and conviction occurred.

What if I live in a different county than my DUI charge?

Once you enroll in the ASAP where the offense occurred, arrangements can be made to transfer your case to an ASAP in the area where you live, work, or attend school.

What if I live in a different state?

The ASAP will monitor your case throughout the supervision period. You will be given an out-of-state enrollment package with instructions and requirements. Other communication will occur via telephone and e-mail. Once the type of intervention services required is determined, the case manager will assist you in identifying comparable services in your home state that will satisfy Virginia requirements. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to find acceptable education or treatment providers where you live. Always enroll in the ASAP and get prior approval before attending any out-of-state program. The out-of-state service provider will need to be willing to submit progress reports to the ASAP.

What will be the conditions for my restricted driver’s license?

Any conditions of operation will be listed on your restricted driver’s license issued by the court. You may have no restrictions other than installation of an ignition interlock or there may be other restrictions such as travel only to and from work.

What happens when I enroll?

Typically, you will complete a number of enrollment documents to include an offender questionnaire, consent forms, and a participation agreement. You may have an orientation meeting or watch an orientation video. During enrollment, you will be assigned a case manager and an intake appointment will be scheduled. In some cases, the intake appointment may occur on the same day as enrollment.

How much does VASAP Cost?

The standard ASAP fee is $300 plus a $100 intervention fee. Additional fees may be charged for rescheduling appointments, returned checks, etc. The local ASAP can provide you with a list of approved fees. Offenders requiring a treatment assessment and treatment will contract with the treatment provider and will be responsible for paying the treatment costs directly to the provider.

How long are VASAP Classes?

Classes are 20 hours long, conducted at two-hour intervals with meetings occurring once per week for 10 weeks.

When and where can I take VASAP classes?

The number of classes offered is limited in some areas of the state; other ASAPs provide more options. Your case manager will work with you to schedule your class times and locations to maximize your chances of being able to attend all required meetings. Please recognize that you will be required to attend all class sessions to which you are assigned and this may necessitate coordination with your employer and other impacted individuals for you to comply with your probation.

Can I take my VASAP Courses online?


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