Notable Verdicts & Outcomes

At Abrenio Law, we strive for the best results possible in every case. We understand that your case is unique and important. And for our clients, our job is to give you a voice.

Here’s a list of notable Verdicts & Outcomes for you to review. These aren’t meant to make a promise that we will reach the same result in your case. It’s to give you an idea of what we’ve done in the past.

Prior Personal Injury Results

Prior Criminal Defense Results

  • DUI (.14 BAC) reduced to Reckless Driving.
  • Destruction of Property Deferred for Dismissal under Virginia Code 19.2-298.02.
  • Felony Credit Card Fraud Nolle Prossed.
  • Driving on Suspended License Nolle Prossed.
  • Felony Possession of Schedule II Nolle Prossed.
  • Felony Possession of Schedule II Amended to Misdemeanor Possession of Schedule IV.
  • DUI (.14 BAC) Deferred for Reduction to Reckless Driving under Virginia Code 19.2-298.02.
  • Domestic Assault charge acquitted by Jury.
  • Felony Strangulation & Assault Nolle Prossed.
  • Sound Ordinace Violation (x2) Dismissed after Motion to Dismiss Granted.
  • Domestic Assault Nolle Prossed.
  • Reckless Driving (128/55 mph) avoided jail time.
  • Assault and Credit Card Fraud Charges Acquitted by General District Court Judge.
  • Drunk In Public & False ID Nolle Prossed.
  • Petit Theft Nolle Prossed.
  • DUI (.11) Dismissed after Motion to Dismiss.
  • DUI, Civil Refusal & Hit & Run (x5) Results in Single Reckless Driving.
  • Domestic Assault Charge Acquitted by General District Court Judge.
  • Assault Conviction Acquittal after jury trial.
  • Felony Strangulation and Assault Results in Simply Assault Conviction after jury trial.
  • Simple Assault Acquittal after jury trial.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Every case is different, and the results depend on the unique facts presented.  Nothing in our reported results is intended to imply that we would reach a similar result in your case.  For every case that we accept, we complete a detailed evaluation for you (in most cases in writing) to provide you our analysis regarding what we think your case is worth.  The only promise that we can make to you is to give you 100% effort and work with you as best as we can to attain the right result for your case.