Plaintiff Offered $40,000 settlement for wrist fracture. Jury Awards $130,500.

Recently, an Abrenio Law client went to trial for her wrist fracture.  Her case stemmed from a December 2016 crash that resulted in multiple injuries, the most serious of which was a fracture of her wrist.  While the injury didn’t require surgery, unfortunately, this fracture causes her pain even through today.

Prior to trial, the insurance company offered her $40,000 and hired an expert to opine that her wrist fracture was fully healed and any pain she experienced today was due to thumb arthritis.  Believing that the offer was too low, the Plaintiff rejected the offer, and we took the case to trial.

After hearing evidence, including testimony from the Plaintiff, her family, and expert witness, the jury awarded her $130,500.  This represented more than 3x her settlement offer.  

At Abrenio Law, we are truly blessed to have clients that put their faith in us.  And we believe they reached the right result here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Every case is different, and the results depend on the unique facts presented.  Nothing in our reported results is intended to imply that we would reach a similar result in your case.  For every case that we accept, we complete a detailed evaluation for you (in most cases in writing) to provide you our analysis regarding what we think your case is worth.  The only promise that we can make to you is to give you 100% effort and work with you as best as we can to attain the right result for your case.