Community Resources

At Abrenio Law, we encourage our clients (and their families and loved ones, on their behalf) to go above and beyond when preparing for Court.  Whether you are facing a simple traffic offense, a serious felony, or anything in between, we urge you to take extra steps to demonstrate that you are taking your case seriously.  And that you are doing everything in your power to ensure that you do not find yourself before the Court again.

Given that, we have created our Community Resource Page to help you find what you may need in your particular situation.  Below, we are providing links to useful classes, programs, and treatment resources that may suit your needs, depending on your situation.

To be clear, we do not receive any funds from any of these providers.  Rather, we have simply found them useful for our past clients.  Ultimately, you will be working directly with them should you choose to do so.

Shoplifting Courses

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Resources & Programs

Anger Management Courses

Opportunities for Community Service

Parenting Classes

Mental Health Family Resources