Domestic Assault

A Virginia Domestic Assault charge carries very serious consequences. These allegations can have long-lasting, devastating effects on your life, career, and reputation. This is why it’s imperative that you talk to a skilled Criminal Defense attorney immediately to preserve your rights.  

Abrenio Law has been defending Virginia Domestic Assault charges for over a decade. We have helped hundreds of clients and tried cases at every Virginia trial court level. We understand how these cases work.

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At Abrenio Law, we believed that the more you know about your case, the better questions that you’ll ask. Below are useful articles and videos for your review. They will help you better understand Virginia Domestic Assault law:

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Helpful Resources for your situation.

Your case may call for you to take additional steps to demonstrate that you are taking these matters seriously. Below are useful resources that may prove helpful in your case. (The list below is only for informational purposes and is not a specific endorsement of any provider).

Anger Management Courses

Opportunities for Community Service