$1 Million Settlement for Wrongful Death Caused by Dog Knocking Victim to the Ground.

In this case, the Decedent was a very active 80 year-old who was riding his bike by a neighbor’s house.  Unfortunately, the neighbor opened their front door which allowed their unleashed and unattended family dog to run from the house.  The dog ran into the Decedent’s travel path, causing him to fall.  In that jurisdiction, a local ordinance required dogs to be leashed and attended.

Due to his fall, Decedent suffered fractures of his right leg, shoulder, and ribs.  He also suffered a concussion as well as severe abrasions.  He was initially admitted into the hospital and required to undergo surgery for his fractured leg, which led to him going into shock during surgery due to blood loss.  

While he survived surgery and was released from the hospital after almost a week, over the next year, the Decedent was in and out of inpatient rehabilitation and the hospital due to complications with recovery from his orthopedic issues, to include infection.  He also sustained complications to pre-existing coronary issues, which was due to his various treatment requirements and limited his mobility of during the remainder of 2015. 

The Decedent ultimately passed away when he was taken to the hospital for an attempted heart procedure.  The complicated orthopedic conditions prevented doctors from completing the necessary heart procedure.  

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