$75,000 for Violent Dog Attack.

In this case, the Plaintiff went to visit a friend.  The friend’s roommate owned a pit-bull that, out of now where, began attacking the Plaintiff.  It bit her face and arms.  Unfortunately, the attack was so violent that a stranger walking by ran in and had to wrestle the dog away from the Plaintiff.

As it turns out, upon investigation, it was learned that the roommate had told his friends to keep the dog upstairs when people are around. Because it had been violent to people in the past. Therefore, there was a strong liability case even in the face of Virginia’s “One Bite Rule.”

Fortunately, the Plaintiff didn’t suffer significant physical injury, with small scars and relatively minor medical costs of approximately $5,000.  Of course, however, this was a traumatic attack. 

Given the violent nature of the incident, the parties agreed to resolve the case at $75,000.00.

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