$450,000 Awarded to Lawyer Who Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury.

This case arose from a T-bone car accident case where the Plaintiff (a practicing attorney) was proceeding through an intersection with a green arrow, when the defendant (a 20-something on his cell phone) ran his red light and struck Plaintiff on his driver’s side. The defendant, through his insurance defense attorney, blamed our client for the accident, claiming contributory negligence.

Due to the accident, Plaintiff claimed he suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, which caused him symptoms inhibited him from working as an attorney, including memory loss, inability to comprehend new information or multitask, and flat emotion.

The insurance company defending the case and made no offer, and hired three experts: a neurologists, a neuropsychologist, and a sleep specialist who said this was all because of sleep apnea.

The case was tried to a jury in four days.  The jury then deliberated for approximately 10 hours (making their decision at 10:00 pm).   While we asked for a higher verdict, this amount was a solid outcome given the amount offered before trial.  We suspect there was likely one or two jurors who wanted to award a lesser amount, and this represented a “compromise verdict.”

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