$82,000 Settlement for Fall While Visiting a Model Home.

The Plaintiff, with her husband, decided to spend the afternoon going to open houses in Loudoun County.  One home in particular was being advertised on Redfin, so they showed up. It had snowed earlier that week, but by the date in question, most of the snow had melted.  And it was a warm day.   

Unfortunately, as she approached the open house by the drive way, she slipped on black ice and fractured her wrist.  While some residual snow was visible on the grass, the driveway appeared free to moisture, which made it hard to see. 

At deposition, the real estate representative admitted that on this morning, she had checked the model home for salt.  Had she had found some, she admitted that she would have applied it to the drive way “just to be safe.”

With that being said, the defense defended the case by claiming that, had the Plaintiff been looking where she was going, she would have seen the ice.

The Plaintiff incurred about $35,000 in medical bills.  The case resolved shortly before trial for $82,000. 

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