Did you not notice your brain injury symptoms for days or weeks?

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to devastating consequences. These can include prolonged treatment, loss of cognitive ability, personality changes, and loss of income. Despite this, often victims don’t even realize their injuries until days or weeks after their accident.

How can someone with a brain injury and not know?

When someone is in an accident, they often times suffer multiple injuries. These includs both orthopedic and head injuries. When they go to the emergency room, providers are so focused on visible injuries: scrapes, bruises, broken bones, bleeding, etc. Accident victims are ordered to rest and stay home from work.

They aren’t completing significant cognitive tasks. It’s when they try to “get back to normal,” when they realize something is wrong. Indeed, it’s often those friends, family members and co-workers who point out their deficits. Only then are the evaluated for their brain injury.

Insurance companies will claim this is a “gap in treatment.”

As a natural result, insurance companies will claim that this delay in symptoms is really a “gap in treatment.” And therefore it’s not really a brain injury at all.

As we’ve discussed before, given the complexity of brain injuries cases, they will seek to take advantage of these delayed symptoms.  They will assert any cognitive delays are really some pre-existing condition such as sleep apnea, ADHD, or anything else they can dig up in your file.   

This is despite it being widely accepted in the medical profession that there are often delayed symptoms in a traumatic brain injury case.

You must choose the right attorney.

Because of this, choosing quality legal counsel for brain injury cases is so important.  Indeed, at least in my experience, brain injury cases tend to be the type of cases that are most likely to go to trial.  Therefore, you need an attorney that is ready and willing to put your case before a jury if it’s warranted.

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