Should you settle your case right after your car accident?

Were you involved in a Virginia car accident and the insurance company wants to settle now? Even before you’ve fully recovered or seek medical care? Are they offering you money, and you just want to put the whole thing behind of you?  Before you do anything, give Abrenio Law a call.   

Insurance companies aren’t your friends. Once you settle, you can’t get more money.

Think about why the insurance company wants you to settle your case immediately.  It’s because they want to limit their liability by paying you as little money as possible as soon as possible. If you haven’t even had time to get treatment, you don’t even really know what your injuries are, and that’s ideal for the insurance company.

To be clear, once you settle your claim, you have no more recourse.  If it turns out that your injuries were far more severe than you thought, but you’ve settled, that’s it.  You get no more compensation.

Not all injuries are immediately obvious.

I can tell you that many types of injuries aren’t apparently clear shortly after someone’s been involved in an accident.  I’ve had clients that didn’t realize the full extent of their injuries until hours, days, weeks or even months after their accidents.  For instance, in many traumatic brain injury cases, clients don’t even realize there’s anything wrong until they get back to work and a co-worker tells them, “something is off.”

I’ve also dealt with orthopedic cases, like shoulder injuries, where it wasn’t obvious that my client needed surgery until many months into their recovery. 

The reality is, you don’t know what your injuries are until have had a chance to fully recovery.

You have time to get treated. Call an attorney before you sign any paperwork.

In Virginia, you typically have two years to file a lawsuit (in some instances, it can be shorter) So, before you accept insurance money for your case, it’s our recommendation that you reach out to an attorney to learn your rights. Many times, people have called us, only for us to recommend them settling their own claim. But our view is, it can’t hurt to call.

Do you have more questions?

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