Should you settle your case right after your car accident?

Were you just involved in a car accident, and the insurance company wants to settle immediately? But before you’ve even had a chance to get any medical treatment? When I first started practicing law, and heard clients tell me this, I thought it was a joke. As it turns out, it happens all to commonly.

Insurance companies aren’t your friends. Once you settle, you can’t get more money.

If the car insurance company wants to settle your case immediately, before you do anything, think about why they would do this. The answer is simple: they want to settle their claim with you as soon as possible, no questions asked.

The reason is because once you settle, you settle. If it turns out that you later need care, you can’t get more money. Indeed, it’s in their best interest to settle your case and move on to the next one.

You have time to get treated. Call an attorney before you sign any paperwork.

In Virginia, you typically have two years to file a lawsuit (in some instances, it can be shorter) so before you accept insurance money for your case, it’s our recommendation that you reach out to an attorney to learn your rights. Many times, people have called us, only for us to recommend them settling their own claim. But our view is, it can’t hurt to call.

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