Should I use my health insurance if another person caused my Virginia car accident?

The simple answer is yes.  If you’ve been injured in an accident here in Virginia, we recommend that you always use your health insurance.  You may be thinking that because someone else caused your injuries, it’s unfair that you have to use your health insurance. We understand this sentiment. But don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Here’s why:

You have health insurance for a reason – to get better.

Health insurance is meant to protect you in the event of injury, regardless of how you were hurt.  Health insurance provides you access to care, allows you to get the treatment you need, and gives you the best chance to get back to 100%. You paid good premium for your coverage, so use it.

You want your doctors to get paid.

Health insurance ensures that your health care providers at least get partially paid, assuming they’re in-network.  That means that in many instances, health insurance will prevent you from having doctors and medical providers calling you or submitting your claims to collection agencies.  It also means that it protects your credit rating and personal finances.

Pursuing money against another party for injuring you can take weeks, months, and years depending on the complexity of your injuries.  This is another reason that you want to make sure to use your health insurance so that you are properly treated and so that doctors and providers get fairly compensated for their work.  

In-car accident cases, insurance companies will not pay out individual bills as your treatment progresses (except in instances of med-pay or medical expense coverage, which, if you have, is typically a minimal policy).  Therefore, if you don’t use your health insurance, the providers will become frustrated and likely pursue you civilly for nonpayment while you wait for your injury claim to proceed.

Do you like discounts? Well that’s another reason to use your health insurance.

An added benefit of using your health insurance is the health insurance discount.  If you look at any typical medical bill that you submit to health insurance, you’ll notice that there’s a negotiated rate that the health insurance pays.  

For simplicity, let’s say you’re charged $100.00 by a doctor.  If you look at your explanation of benefits, you will see the charge of $100.00, but the insurance company only paid let’s say $40.00.  You may also have a copayment, for example, of $5.00.  When pursuing that same medical bill in a car accident claim, under Virginia law, we are permitted to claim that $100.00 bill plus pain, suffering, inconvenience, and lost wages.  Under your health insurance contracts, you may be required to reimburse your health insurance if we can obtain your money in this car accident claim (or other type of injury claim), but when we reimburse the health insurance, it will only be at that $40.00 rate.  Therefore, we will claim the $100.00 plus all the other injuries and only have to reimburse $40.00.  

This means hopefully that you will be able to see actual money in your pocket as you will have benefited from that insurance discount.

More questions? Reach out.

You may think that this is confusing or doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  My answer to that is you are correct.  This is simply the way Virginia insurance law works.  This is the value of hiring an attorney for complex injury cases.

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