The insurance company wants me to sign a medical release and give a recorded statement in my Virginia car accident case. What should I do?

Don’t do it!

If you’ve been involved in a car accident or other types of accidents here in Virginia, it’s likely that an insurance company will reach out to you on behalf of the person that hurt you, asking for you to give a recorded statement and sign a medical or HIPPA release. They will try to convince you that this is in your best interest to quickly resolve your claim. In reality, should you say anything that could “hurt your case,” the insurance company will use this against you.

Additionally, their HIPPA release likely contains language that allows them to access medical records that have nothing to do with your injury claim. Take a moment to review the release. You will likely see that it grants them access to medical records for years in advance to your accident that may be wholly unrelated to your claim.

Given that Abrenio Law recommends that before you speak to an adjuster, provide any recorded statement or sign any form, you should reach out to an attorney to determine your rights. From our experience, we’ve learned that what you say and do after an accident to an insurance company rarely helps and often hurts you.

While we understand that you’d like to resolve your claim as quickly as possible, that’s also the insurance company’s desire. To do that, they hope to pay you a little money as soon as possible to cut off any claims for future injuries and damages. In short, resolving your case early saves them money.

In our experience, especially if you experienced significant injury, your claim will likely take months, weeks, or years to fully appreciate. In fact, to pursue your claim, assuming there’s enough auto insurance coverage (or other types of insurance coverage), we would want to wait until you’re finished treating or close to the statute of limitations before we start pursuing your case. That’s because if you settle your claim, you are no longer allowed to seek additional money later. You will be given one check at the end of your case. If you receive that check before you’ve recovered, you’re barred under Virginia law from pursuing additional claims.

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